“Today is the Day..!”

Our Kindergarten students impressed our guests with their educational program “Στου χορού μας τη χαρά και στης χώρας μας την αγκαλιά " ( Embracing Our Country And Dancing [...]

Kindergarden Children Getting Ready For Primary School

The Transitional Program to primary school is completed. The children met the primary school teachers and the older students, played, used their classrooms and had a [...]

Smell of Autumn

There are, in fact, so many ways to come to life experientially in the autumn. You can smell it, taste it, touch it, play it, experiment it ...

Our kindergarten visited Kalamata’s 2nd Kapi

In the framework of the My Family Experimental Section and taking part in the World Day of the Third Age (October 1st), we visited the 2nd KAPI of our [...]

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