Educational Programm

The school year starts on the 11th of September and finishes on the 15th of June.

For the students of the 1st grade of primary school the school year starts about one week earlier , so that they can adjust better. During this week the students get to know the “big “ school better, get to know their teacher and classmates, draw, play , adjust – so that from the first day of school they are ready. The desks in 1st grade are quite low and look like the kindergarten desks , so that the children feel better and can adapt easier. At the same time there are revision lessons for the students of 5th grade.

 Our school follows the curriculum set by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religion with the Institute of Educational Policy, but also follows the school’s philosophy and objectives.

The English language , P.E., Music and Art are done by experienced teachers and are started from 1st grade. The computer lesson is taught by an IT studies teacher in co-operation with the classes teacher.

The students at the beginning of the year are given extra exercise notebooks with extra schoolwork , which is done at school or for homework.

Supplementary teaching is offered by the teacher in charge of the class and to the students which need extra help.

Teaching is also done with Interactive whiteboards, computers , projectors, videos, DVD’s, etc.

Students become journalists and publish the newspaper “Oi Mikroi Exerevnites” – The Young Explorers.

The Science Lab helps with teaching and understanding Physics, where students can do experiments and life-long learning workshops.

We go on many educational trips but also on trips for entertainment.

Museum Education helps our students  look at visits to museums and archeological sites ,in a different way.

Students sit for many written tests so that knowledge learnt can be examined and for them to get used to taking part in exams.

At the end of the school year  revision is done on the  most important  things learnt.

Our program is completed with an annual educational program ,which helps students with co-operation that broadens their horizons.

Finally, there is a study program for students who need it and also helps the parents who don’t have the time to help their children with studying at home.