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Enrollments for the school year 2017-2018 have begun and you can report your interest online here, or on the Official Facebook Page of the school or by phone at (27210) 92022 – 92122.


Bougas Private Schools offer scholarships every year to the first three distinguished students who are distinguished in the corresponding competition organized at the school premises. The Scholarship Contest concerns graduates of the Primary School who wish to enroll in the Gymnasium of the Bougas Private Schools. The respective benefits per place of distinction are as follows:

1st scholarship: (whichever child has the best result) free attendance at the 3 grades of the Gymnasium of the Buga Schools

2nd scholarship: (whichever comes with the 2nd best result) 50% discount on the tuition fees for the 3rd Grade School Gymnasium

3rd scholarship: (whichever comes with the 3rd best result) 25% discount on the tuition fees for the 3rd Grade School Gymnasium

Three scholarships will be awarded for students  Bougas Private Primary Schools  and 3 scholarships for pupils from other schools.


  1. The scholarship is for attendance at the regular school program. It does not concern additional benefits (eg meals, etc.).
  2. The rating of the three scholars should be at least 86/100 for each subject being studied and for the next two years the student should have a General Grade of the Year: Excellent (18.6).
  3. Scholarships are independent of the parents’ financial situation.
  4. The grades of the students will not be announced, except for the students who will receive the scholarships.
  5. Each examiner will be able to see his writing and the writings of those who have won scholarships if he so desires.
  6. A minimum of 10 children must be eligible for the scholarships.

The Scholarship Prize for the students of Sixth Grade will take place on Saturday, June 10 at 9am. on the premises of theBougas Private Schools. At the Scholarship Contest can participate students from other schools.

You can register online here, or on the Official Facebook Page of the school or by phone at (27210) 92022 – 92122.

Recognizing the efforts made by students of primary and secondary education in the fields of science, culture and sport, the school grants scholarships for the school year 2017-2018 to those who were distinguished (2016-2017) subject to the following conditions:

A Sciences:

For those who took 1st to 6th place in National Greek, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Astronomy, competitions conducted by recognized scientific bodies.

B Culture:

Those who occupied 1-6th place in Pan-Hellenic competitions made by the Ministry of Education or other recognized bodies in theater, music and dance.

C Rhetoric:

High school children who were awarded the school year 2016-17 (1st to 3rd class) in the Rhetoric and Argumentary of the Ancient Greek Rhetoric Workshop of the University of Peloponnese and wishing to attend our school will have significant discounts throughout their studies.

From the Second Gymnasium to the 2nd Lyceum a 40% discount on the annual tuition fee if the M.O. of their grade during their studies at our school is at least 18.6. The tuition fee for the 3rd grade will be 20%.


Those who occupied the first to sixth place in school matches in individual or group sports, at prefecture level for primary and secondary schools.

Those who occupied the 1st to 8th place in Panhellenic competitions in individual or group sport for the high school.

Those who ranked 1st to 8th in Panhellenic contests in individual or group sports organized by the federations for all ages.

The condition for participation in scholarships is that the Secondary Education Promotion or Release Medium should have at least the Very Best Qualification.

The type of scholarship (rate on tuition fees) is determined according to the distinction in the above competitions or competitions.

E Special Sports Scholarships:

In the school year 2017-2018, special scholarships are awarded to those who are enrolled in the 1st grade of the General Lyceum and are distinguished in the group sports: Football – Basketball – Volleyball – Handball and Polo.

The evaluation will be made by a 3-member committee of Physical Education and Coaching Teachers appointed by our Schools.

With our sponsorship, we aim to help young people and young people who have enough time in sports and to give them the opportunity to be distinguished nationwide with the corresponding benefits.

It is also a prerequisite here that the Gymnasium Certificate is at least “Good”.

F Multi Child Families Scholarships:

We grant special scholarships to the sensitive social group of midwives and teenagers without any limitation, except that the Average grade of the grade is designated as Good or Excellent.

Z Excellence:

Those students of the A, B and C grades of the Gymnasium and Lyceum will write in the final examinations of the coming May-June average of more than 19.51 will receive a 15% discount on the tuition fees for the school year 2017-2018, write ≥ 19.01 discount -12% and those who write ≥ 18.51 discount -10%.

These discounts – excellence also apply to students from other schools who will write well on their school exams and would like to be transferred to our school.


1st to 6th place nationwide   Up to 30%




1st to 6th place nationwide Up to 30%



1st to 3rd place at the Municipality of Peloponnese Rhetoric and Arguementatives Games Up to 40%



1st to 3rd place at Primary School (Sixth Grade) of the Municipal Prefectural Excellent (9 – 10) 10%
1st to 3rd place in Gymnasium of the Municipal Prefectural Very good and above 10%
1st to 8th place in Gymnasium and Lyceum in Panhellenic school competitions Very good and above Up to 20%



The examination of the application forms is done by a special committee of teachers Up to 50%



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