Our kindergarten visited Kalamata’s 2nd Kapi


In the framework of the My Family Experimental Section and taking part in the World Day of the Third Age (October 1st), we visited the 2nd KAPI of our city!

There, we met our “big friends” in order to wish them many years and to show them our love in practice!

We were delighted to offer them an artwork painted by our hands that we had made in our class as well as cookies to accompany their tea! We also gave them poems and songs that we had learned, and they applauded us warmly!

In turn, grandparents responded by singing songs to us, telling us fairy tales they heard when they were the children, and fairy tales they say today to their grandchildren! They have been eating candies, sharing experiences from their lives and their everyday life while being willing and kind to answer the questions we have asked them.

After small – big games we played and we had fun at the end we were surprised! Our grandparents also gave us a clay construction to decorate our class!

Their hospitality was very warm and we promised them to come back!