International Cooperation

England, Belgrade, Cern, Erasmus +, E-twinning, show that knowledge is not only gained in the classroom, it isnt only for experts, it is not addressed to a few.

Summer & Spring Camp

Fantastic days of joy, play, creation and fantasy are here. Inside a beautiful and quiet environment, our Summer Camp is also operating  this year with modern operational and safety standards.


Welcome Academy!

Something new at  Ekpedeftiria Bouga for 3- 13 year olds!

Enrollments have begun!  

Latest news

07 Oct: Erasmus + Bulgaria

  When  students travel they acquire knowledge through interaction, collaboration and experience. This is the main purpose of any Erasmus…

05 Sep: “I Can Speak Greek Well”

Learn Greek like a native! Immerse yourself in the Greek language and culture through the live online course “I Speak…

08 Jun: 1821-2021: 200 Years since the Declaration of Liberation!

This year we had to celebrate the 25th of March  and the 200th anniversary of the declaration of Liberation  digitally! However, this did…

08 Jun: Ε-Twinning school

The “Citizen of the World” axis is our educational priority. The Bougas Primary School was awarded with the eTwinning School…

08 Jun: Our participation in the program ” Student Virtual Business” of Junior Achievement Greece

We are 11 students of Ekpedeftiria Bouga  and we participated in the program ” Student Virtual Business” of Junior Achievement Greece by creating a student social…


On Thursday, February 13th,2020 for the theme “farm animals”, the toddlers of Ekpedeftiria Bouga visited “Fotini’s farm”.

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