Eating at School

The school provides meals (optional) for all children. The food is being prepared inside our school by qualified personnel using carefully chosen materials.

The menu is tailored to the needs of healthy diet for children. Parents receive a monthly copy of the menu  in order to be informed in advance and choose whether their children will bring food from home or not.

Moreover, you have the choice of sending food from home for your children to eat while keeping up with the school menu if you wish to ensure a nutritionally-balanced diet for your children.

The school does not have a canteen for children of the Nursery School, Kindergarten and Primary school pupils. Only students of the Sixth Grade of Primary School have the opportunity to shop from the Gymnasium’s canteen. All children can bring – if they wish to – their snack from home. However, chips and chocolates are forbidden. We urge parents to take care of their children’s diet in order for them to obtain healthy eating habits from a young age. Also, the school canteen only sells legally permitted items.

Our school has been certified in accordance with ELOT EN ISO 22000: 2005 for the CATERING SERVICES provided to students.