Health Education Programs in our Kindergarten


“Body and Oral Hygiene” and “Healthy Diet” are topics that each year have a special place in the Buga School program.

Preschool age, moreover, is ideal for children to have good habits that they will keep for their whole life.

The children of Kindergarten have been involved with the body, the members that are external and internal as well as how we have to take care of it and protect it!

For this reason, they implemented a Health Education Program in collaboration with the General Hospital of Kalamata and the Primary Education of Messinia. Health visitors visited the school from which the children received valuable information and advice on how to take care of and protect our organization. The program was specialized in personal hygiene and hand hygiene and was completed with a game experiment where the children discovered in an experiential way how to properly and effectively wash our hands.

Related fairy tales and educational films were not missing from their program. But because they wanted to learn more about the subject, they decided to call someone special … So our school visited a pediatric dentist who explained to them how important the tooth washing is and how it should be done. Then he examined the children and gave each one their useful tips.

Realizing the value of everyday brushing, children decided to bring toothbrush and toothpaste every day and to wash their teeth after the delectable meal!

They completed unity with a feast dedicated to healthy eating! They were divided into groups, disguised, and played many group and theatrical plays on the subject. The most beautiful tribute to the right diet filled a rich and delicious, healthy breakfast for our body, discovering how many healthy but very delicious things we have to choose for a good breakfast!