Smell of Autumn


There are, in fact, so many ways to come to life experientially in the autumn. You can smell it, taste it, touch it, play it, experiment it …

The children of our kindergarten have done very well through experiential activities!

They went out to the yard of our school, they noticed the changes in nature, and after deciduous deciduous trees from the evergreen trees, they gathered leaves to create their own matrix with mathematical concepts, such as big-sized,

They depicted these changes in visual artistic designs as well as in the technique of printing as they also experimented … musically, creating rain inspired sounds.

As small explorers they experimented on how rain was created and built their own rain gauges to make their measurements during the year!

Finally, as other farmers, after separating the seeds from the seedlings, they planted lettulas and cauliflowers in the vegetable garden of our school, promising to care for them and waiting for anxiety on the day of harvest!