Educational Robotics and Lego at Kindergarden of Bougas Schools

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Educational Robotics and Lego have an important part of both the philosophy of Bougas Schools and the everyday educational program of the Preschoolers and the Infants.

Children have the ability to cultivate those skills that will help them to love science and technology while conquering concepts and goals that are structured for their age.

Specialized educational programs taking place at both levels support children in the development of their imagination and creativity, co-operation, cohesive and subtle mobility, communication skills and argumentation. Children enter the problem-solving process, which promotes their critical and creative thinking, and is an extremely methodical approach to the most modern learning theories.

Working in groups, children engage all their forces as much as they can for one common purpose. In this way they learn to cooperate, agree with each other about how they work, respect each other and accept the view that is beneficial to the group and not that they serve individually.

Designing and completing a project is perhaps one of the most basic skills in a child’s life. Thus, through contact with Lego and Smart Robots children are given opportunities to solve problems with personal meaning for themselves and by manipulating or constructing real objects.

Preschools and Primitives of Schools already see “bricks” and “robots” from another perspective and look forward to the next lessons!