Erasmus +

Τransforming Fablabs Into Steamlabs


The private school Ekpedeftiria Bouga , so as to prepare its students for the new things happening in the worldwide job market and society , with the usage of new technologies and improvement of language and communication skills, is taking part in the Erasmus+ program and is co-operating with 5 European schools from Belgium , Italy, Spain and Croatia.

The project is on STEAM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics).The students of the  4th , 5th and 6th grade of Ekpedeftiria Bouga take part in science labs so that they can understand the meaning of intersectionality. The students construct things that have to do with Ancient Greek technology and at the same time study Maths, Chemistry, Physics and Engineering. They also study the culture and facts of this period of time in history.

Each country is working on the project topic which is the sciences of STEAM but they are in charge of different aspects of it. Ekpedeftiria Bouga is focusing more on Science, the Italian school on Art, Croatia on the cultural heritage of Europe and presenting it on digital maps, the school CEIP TAGOROR of the Canary islands in Spain is researching the transformation of mechanical energy to electric energy.

 Ιt is very important that the Erasmus + projects succeed and co-operation is something essential.

From the 24th till the 29th of March 2019 four of our teachers travelled to the Canary islands where they saw the way that Maths is taught, came into contact with new technologies, programs and logistics, made robots and put them in water, so as to see how they work under water, made cogwheels, used 3D printers and brought back many ideas.

The project began in December 2018 and will finish in November 2020. It is a project of co-operation and any new knowledge is valuable for the school and the society.


On Sunday 13/01/2019 teachers of Ekpedeftiria Bouga travelled to Pescara, Italy in the context of the European program Erasmus+KA2, as partners in the educational project “ Transforming Fablabs into Steamlabs”, which will have a duration of 2 years (2018-2020).

The project focuses on transforming the traditional teaching approach of STEAM into a more complete and versatile one, where the student is not only the observer and passive recipient of the new knowledge, but is put in the centre of the educational process with experiments, challenges , taking initiative and doing all the research that is needed.

Under the umbrella of STEAM each school-partner will be taking responsibility and working on a particular aspect of it. The students of our school will work with their teacher’s guidance in researching and constructing Ancient Greek mechanisms with an aim of interdisciplinarity and co-operation.

This new educational approach of STEAM will succeed with the co-operation of Ekpedeftiria Bouga and 5 European schools (Belgium , Spain , Italy and Croatia). After our teachers first trip to a an Italian primary school and taking part in a technology workshop, new knowledge has been gained which will bring great results in the improvement of Ekpedeftiria Bouga educational methods.

By participating and co-operating in this European project Ekpedeftiria Bouga is showing that the school is capable of following the changes in the field of education and taking on the challenges of the 21st century.