All Day Activities

The school works as an ALL-DAY school, so that children can save time and be in a familiar environment.

The courses – programs, which are made by specialists or professionals, at noon immediately after the end of the program timetable, are the following:

– LITERATURE & CULTURE: The oldest activity of the All-Day School. It is done once a week and sometimes on extra days too. It is aimed for students from the 2nd class. The program manager is Mrs. Christina Dimiza (a philologist and a theatrologist – responsible for educational programs).

-DRAMA  GROUP: Primary School students create, express and play theater! The theatrical group operates within the framework of the all-day program and as a main goal is the practice of creative imagination and the cultivation of socio-emotional skills that accompany pupils long after the end of their school life.

– ROBOTICS: Students of all classes in our school have the opportunity to attend educational robotics classes. It is a program that promotes Technology, innovative thinking and strives to create original solutions to human needs.

– STEAM (Science – Technology – Engineering – Art – Mathematics): It is a journey for the students through Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics and Art, which in addition to the joy of creation,  in the long term improves the academic performance of students. It is for pupils of 4th grade.

-ARRKI (School of Architecture for Children and Youth): A Finnish, innovative, unique, kind of architecture program for children. The aim is to play through games and constructions with their senses and create with their imagination, giving them another look in ordinary everyday objects. All ARRKI programs cultivate three-dimensional perception, mathematical thinking and communication skills.

– VOLLEYBALL: For students from 2nd – 6th year of primary school.

– BASKETBALL: For students from 2nd – 6th year of primary school.

– TENNIS: Tennis Academy for children of all ages.

– FOOTBALL: Football academy for children of all ages.

– Rhythmic gymnastics: For  students of 1st, 2nd, 3rd and  4th grade 3 times a week. For students of 5th and 6th grade twice  a week.

– CLIMBING: On a unique ,for  Kalamata, three-dimensional wall of 12m height. students of all classes are taught climbing techniques, enjoy physical exercise, test their limits, but are mostly taught how to ensure their personal safety.

– MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS: Musical Instruction lessons are delivered (PIANO, GUITAR, etc.). The teachers are musicians with knowledge and willingness to work with elementary school students. Days and hours are defined upon  agreement with parents.


It runs daily, 13.45-16.00, for the students of the 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade  so as to  complete their work at school.

The program is implemented – by class – by educational and special pedagogues. Students complete their work, have free time in the afternoon, and parents only need to check what they have done when they get home. At 16.00 children can use the school bus.

-INDIVIDUAL  STUDY: For the students of the 4th, 5th and 6th grade , there is an Individual Study Program (Monday to Thursday, 14.30-16.00) where the children study on their own, under the supervision and help of specialized school teachers. After the program ends, children go home by school bus.

– EDUCATIONAL TEACHING: Upon completion of the courses, specialized teachers deliver individualized courses to schoolchildren according to their needs and according to the instructions of the responsible teacher of the class. The lessons are free of charge and the days and hours are determined upon agreement with the parents.

The  all-day school program starts shortly after the beginning  of the school year on 20/9/2018 and finishes on 7/6/2019.