“Today is the Day..!”


Our Kindergarten students impressed our guests with their educational program  “Στου χορού μας τη χαρά και στης χώρας μας την αγκαλιά ” ( Embracing Our Country And Dancing In Joy)  and their end of school year show   ” Σήμερα γάμος γίνεται…” (Today Is The Wedding Day …”!)

Throughout the year the children came in contact with tradition in order to raise awareness of the preservation of our cultural heritage. They learned traditional songs and dances and became aware of our  customs and traditions including, costumes and traditional musical instruments.

 After the show, parents and guests were delighted to watch photos   taken during  Nursery and Kindergarten school years .A highlight moment of the show was when the children sang the songs they had learned in the English lesson.