The “Odyssey” from the Kindergarten Bougas Schools!


The special summer celebration of the Kindergarten of the Bougas Schools, with the title “Odyssey”, took place with great success.

The children, as little actors, dramatized some of Odysseus’ adventures by traveling to all those who attended a time of the past … The lyrics of Cavafis, from the poem “Ithaca”, accompanied their theatrical while the melodies created a dreamlike atmosphere. The result was really impressive, since mature children of this age co-ordinated the many roles they had undertaken.

After the show, there were photos of children’s lives at the Children’s Playground and the Kindergarten of the Schools, as well as songs from the English lessons they did throughout the year.

The celebration ended with the graduation of infants in a climate of particular emotion and pride of both parents and teachers and all school staff.
Good progress to all children!