Annual Christmas Celebration at Kalamata’s Central Square with Bougas school and the Vocational Training Institute “Orizon”


On Tuesday 19th December 2017 the students, the trainers and members of the staff of Bougas School, the Vocational Training Institute “Orizon” and the Centre of Creative Activities for Children “Little Explorers” and lots of people spent  a Christmas evening at the square Vasileos Georgiou square on Aristomenous street.  .

            There was a large number of games, many surprises and a lot of craft work. We created handmade ornaments for the Christmas tree, picture frames that reminded us of all the pleasant moments of 2017 and we also made three-dimensional constructions using recycable materials. Santa Claus and his elves were the honorary guests, to whom the children wrote their wishes for the new year.

The Vocational Training Institute “Orizon” offered adults and children sweet Christmas treats. Our aim was to raise money for the new Special Vocational High School of Kalamata. The students of the Centre of Creative Activities for Children “Little Explorers” exhibited clay artefacts for the same purpose. There was also a huge alternative pastry shop the “Christmas Lab” where the children created edible ornaments while the choir of Bougas School and the Centre of Creative Activivities for Children sang Christmas carols.

The people and the wishes we all exchanged warmed the atmosphere and we all had a great time. The event was broadcast via live streaming for the first time. For more information, pictures and videos visit our website.