Learning about Means of Transport


The educational programs of our Preschoolers and our Kindergarten for the means of transport and the Road Traffic Code have been successfully completed. The children learned about the main K.O.K, about the types of transport and their usefulness. They played, experimented and made visits, as part of the experiential approach to knowledge.

The actions that stood out and made a special impression on the children were the visit of our Preschoolers to our city’s airport, where they were guided to its premises and watched how an airplane landed and the educational games that played in the interactive boards of our school. Finally, having learned all this, they built and took their driving license rightfully.

The children of our Kindergarten were impressed by the visit to the Traffic Park of our city, where, after being informed by a representative of the Municipal Police, small guides took place and led motorbikes and bikes following the appropriate markings. They also made their own ticket to the destination they wished, painted their favorite means of transport and made a card by writing their own message for safe travel.