1821-2021: 200 Years since the Declaration of Liberation!

This year we had to celebrate the 25th of March  and the 200th anniversary of the declaration of Liberation  digitally! However, this did not stop us from knowing the facts and honoring the heroes of the Revolution!

The Kindergarten students did craftwork, attended a puppet show and listened to songs about Greece through the thinglink application .

In our Kindergarten the theme of the online celebration was: “The children of 2021 talk about the heroes of 1821”. Some of the children chose a hero and presented  facts and information from the heros life with their parents, while others recited poems and everyone, students, parents and teachers sang songs about the Revolution.

In primary school the children played in escape rooms solving puzzles with information about the Revolution, read student presentations about the heroes of 1821, were given a tour of the Olive Museum and the National Gallery. Still, they read information and data they did not know about 1821 and learned the origin of words and phrases that we still use today, but have their roots in the years of Ottoman rule and the Revolution.

Finally, in high school and Lykeio the students presented the streets of our city, whose names are related to the Revolution and   the Greeks Struggle to Independence, mentioning important information .

They closed their online celebration by watching a video in which their classmates recited our National Anthem.