Physical Education and Sports are at the heart of our educational philosophy, in close association with the teaching of the rest of the cognitive subjects. Our goal is for children to acquire a healthy body, adopt a healthy diet and life and participate in recreational sports activities that promote their smooth socialization and the cultivation of athletic morals and character.

    In this context, our students come into contact with the sport through:

  1. The Physical Education course, which is part of the curriculum and is compulsory for all students.
  2. The mass sports academies that operate on our premises in the afternoon hours throughout the week.
  3. The teams of the Sports Club APS ARIS


  • Sports facilities (indoor gyms, 5×5 football field, tennis court, volleyball court, basketball court, gymnasium and dance hall)
  • Doctor – School Doctor – Nurse
  • Sports Material
  • Tech Resources (Teacher Tablet PC, Physical Status Pupils Programs.