Foreign Languages

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Last year students of the 6th Grade of our Primary School and of the 1st grade of High School of Bougas Schools had the opportunity to communicate with three English-speaking foreign schools: in England, Jamaica and Zimbabwe by sending information for our country and habits. This year communication with foreign students will continue with schools from other countries.

We cannot display this galleryMore specifically, this year’s primary school pupils collaborate with ICS G. Perlasca High School, located in Bareggio, near Milan, Italy, and the Ysgol Hendrefelin Special School, located in Wales, United Kingdom. Up to now, students from all three schools have exchanged information on their everyday life (school life-extracurricular activities), our country’s traditions (carnival celebrations, etc.), nutrition, climatic conditions, etc. using the English language.

Communication and collaboration with these schools through eTwinning will continue until the end of the school year and we all wish to learn more interesting and exciting information from our friends in Italy and the UK strengthening the relationships between young people from these school units.



This year students of Bougas Schools participated in the 4th Panhellenic school video contest “Respect Diversity – Say NO to school bullying”. The competition is organized each year by the British Council and the International Olympic Truce Center. The purpose of the contest is to highlight the ideals and values ​​of Olympism and the Olympic Truce, raise awareness of pupils, parents and teachers about the phenomenon of school violence.

   The students of the 6th grade of the primary school of Bougas Schools, Maria Georgopoulou, Dimitris Zareas, Maria Kotsiari, Dimitris Koumoundouros and Alexandros Efrem Matthiopoulos formed the group “Anti-cyberbullying warriors”. With love and willingness for cooperation, the children created a short video emphasizing the value of information and friendship when faced with school bullying. In the following video we can enjoy the results of the children’s effort.

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Bougas Schools each year organize an educational trip to England. Last year’s trip took place from 8 to 17 of July and the children visited 4 cities, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester and London. They visited museums, local attractions and took part in activities such as group vocal games with children from abroad, Mini Olympics, Talent Show, Quiz night and sports tournaments. In addition, they attended English courses at Keele University in Manchester and had fun with their classmates and their new friends. It was a journey that made it possible for children to practice their English and also to get to know the cultural identity of England.

Videos and photos from the trip can be found at the school platform.




  1. Papadopoulos Ilias
  2. Bastakos Georgios
  3. Pontikis Vassilios
  4. Diamantopoulou Chryssa
  5. Karelias Georgios
  6. Melilos Nikitas
  7. Troxatou Marilla
  8. Kountouri Stavroula
  9. Tassopoulou Nefeli
  10. Borvilas Aggelos
  11. Anifandaki Nefeli
  12. Papanikolaou Dylan


  1. Dagiopoulos Georgios
  2. Bouris Andreas
  3. Karalis Apollon
  4. Vassilaki Marivassia
  5. Deligiannis Michalis
  6. Giannakopoulou Melina
  7. Zervas Dimitris
  8. Garcia Kim
  9. Perroti Mary
  10. Spiliotopoulou Fay
  11. Frangou Evgenia
  12. Manolakaki Ioanna


  1. Borvila Maria
  2. Kokkorogianni Ioanna
  3. Aggouras Ioannis
  4. Lefa Irene
  5. Nestoras Panagiotis
  6. Kakaletris Sotiris
  7. Catherine Rekleiti
  8. Maniatis Konstantinos