School and family

School and family cooperation …

School and family collaboration has been the subject of many scientists over the years. The research results highlight that if such cooperation is essential, it has important effects on the whole development of a child and thus on its smooth integration into society.

By serving the principles of pedagogy that highlight the above, especially for younger ages, often and regular parent gatherings take place at our school, with the ultimate goal not only of informing us of the progress of the students but of informing about our program and our actions thus seeking to extend them to the family and society.

Very important for us is the 1st Parent Congregation, which takes place in September, where our goals are:

-To put the bases for a trust relationship

-To learn as teachers for each child separately (needs, talents, difficulties, etc.)

-To help both sides together to adapt the child to the school context

-Parents are informed about the school’s operating rules

In addition, throughout the school year parents have the opportunity to:

– to communicate daily, in the morning, with kindergarten teachers either by telephone or through personal meetings in the school area, upon agreement.

– come to a planned meeting with the child psychologist of the school in order to solve questions and also to discuss the different situations that concern them.

– attend seminars related to the development of children, as well as various social issues, which are being implemented by the child psychologist of the school and other scholars of various specialties, in suitable rooms at the school premises.

Good cooperation between school and family

is an integral part of our philosophy!