Stamatis Krimizis

The Greek person who passed the gates of Space.

Stamatis Krimizis will be visiting our school and Kalamata.

The Academician Stamatis Krimizis is the only person that has made or has taken part in making spaceships that have explored all the planets of our solar system. He will be visiting our school on Friday 9th of November and will talk to our students.

Our school is organizing a talk on the afternoon of the same day at the amphitheatre of Kalamata’s Labour Centre at 7pm. The topic of the talk is “The 41 year Odyssey of the Voyagers and the future exploration of the Interseller Area with the Interseller probe”.  The talk is open to everyone and you will have the chance to see a great scientist talking about the research of our solar systems planets.

A few words about Stamatis Krimizis

The Academician Stamatis Krimizis got this degree in Physics from the University of Minesota (1961), his Masters (1963) and Ph.D (1965) in Physics from the University of lowa, where he worked as a professor. In 1968 he transferred to the Laboratory of Applied Physics of the University of John Hopkins, and became the Science Director in 1980, head of Space Management in 1991 and emeritus director 2004.

He is also in charge of research in some space missions for NASA, like the Voyager 1,2 to the external planets, the interstellar mission of Voyager and the mission of Cassini – Huygens to Saturn and Titan.

He has designed and constructed instruments that have travelled that have travelled to the nine classic planets.

He has published more that 600 papers in magazines with critics and books references that are about the Physics of the sun the intersellar area, the planet magnetosphere and the heliosphere.

He was elected as part of the Athens Academy in 2004 for the Science and Space Headquarters, he was representative for Greece in the European Space Organization Committee (ESTE) (2010-2013).

In 1999 the International Astronomical Union renamed the asteroid 1979 Uti to 8323 Krimigis in honour of Stamatis Krimizis.

Recent distinctions:

  • The 3rd medal for Exceptional Scientific Achievement (2014) for NASA.
  • Cassini Medal (2014)
  • Trophy for Lifetime Achievement (2015) for the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (NASM) in Washington.
  • Space flight Award (2015) for the American Astronautical organization.
  • NASM Trophy for Current Achievement (New Honzons Team – 2016)
  • NASA Exceptional Public Service
  • Theodore von Karman Award (2017) for the International
  • He was elected for the European Academy (2017)