Cultural Groups

Aesthetic cultivation is a basic goal and pursuit of our cultural clusters.

The adolescents’ contact with the world of Art and Politics, through their work with Theater, Music (Choir Art) and Art, creates tomorrow’s citizens who can create and enjoy an artistic event. Citizens with high aesthetic criteria, socially active and mentally resilient.

 Dealing with the arts makes adolescents more creative, while enhancing their ability to recognize the nice and beneficial ability that will accompany them throughout their lives.

Theater as a form of art teaches and educates. The theatrical process, the contact with great texts from the world repertoire and the collaboration of the group for the presentation of a performance cultivate important cognitive and conico-emotional skills for the students.
Children expand their imagination, become confident and team spirit, sharpen their judgment and observation, express their feelings, take initiatives, develop their emotional intelligence, and finally cultivate their creative thinking.
The art of drama cultivates adolescents a positive attitude and perception of life, and it is also a rich experience for their self-determination and their creative role in the world.
The theater team of our school has been counting for more than 10 years and has presented remarkable theatrical performances by Greek and foreign theatrical writers.
The school places a special emphasis on the field of Music, which is a basic educational component of General Education. By participating in musical events, students of all classes, externalize the artistic and musical trends of their personality. The teaching of Music starts from the 1st Primary with a prominent tendency towards the Orff System and continues in the other classes with the participation of the children in the choral ensembles of the school.
Our school has four children’s choirs formed by students of the 1st and 2nd Primary School, C and D, E and F, as well as the High School – Lyceum, which are an integral part of the events taking place every year school activities.
It is also worth noting that children’s involvement with the basic aspects of Music Art, as it takes place within our school, is driving many of them into the choice of a specialized musical and vocal learning.

Understanding the immeasurable offer of art for man and the positive that she can bring to the child, the Bougas Schools operates a group of visual artists in the course of Aesthetic Education. The pupil’s participation in this group aims to bring him into contact with basic artistic concepts and ideas, to create, to appreciate and to be able to evaluate the aesthetic effect of a project, but mainly to his / her psychology and spirit. The child has the ability to paint, construct, design, work on a python, create with plastenins, make models, perceive “dimensions” in the universe, make three-dimensional constructions and much more … In this context, imagination, critical ability, and enriches his knowledge while having a beneficial effect on his psyche and sociability. Besides, as Chapman (1998) states, “the role of teach- ing art in a child is multi-dimensional. A teacher who brings the child into contact with art, in addition to many others, achieves a) the personal fulfillment, b) the appreciation of the artistic heritage of his place and of the whole world, c) the consciousness of his social role … “