Information Technology

The Course in Computer Science and Programming in Secondary Education is taught as an autonomous subject in both Gymnasium and General Lyceum until the 3rd Lyceum – 5th Field: Economics and Informatics.
The main objective of the IT course is the ability of students to use modern digital technologies, communication tools and network services to find, manage, integrate and evaluate various information to solve problems and to participate in modern society of knowledge. Also, a key factor is the active participation of each student, the continuous interaction and collaboration with the teacher and, above all, with his classmates.
 The teaching of Informatics at the Gymnasium has a clear laboratory orientation, which is why the Informatics Laboratory is a place of study, research, creative participation and collaboration for students to encourage cooperative learning, self-motivation and creativity.
 We also pay special attention to issues related to the Internet and its safe use by our students.


The Robotics Group has the ultimate goal of bringing students into contact with an industry that has grown in recent years. Children first of all can have fun, but also come into first contact with laws of Physics and Engineering, creating structures around us or others that can in the future prove to be useful tools of our everyday life. Also, students are encouraged to think so they can find creative solutions to problems, and then develop them through a selection, construction, testing, and evaluation process. Finally, children will be able not only to create, but also to plan their constructions, in order to execute specific commands.
The robotics group has been participating since 2015 in the regional and national competition organized by WROHellas (Organization for Educational Robotics, Science & Technology) with many distinctions and successes

Διακρίσεις του Ομίλου Ρομποτικής

1st and 2nd place was won by RobotMasters and KALAMATA ROBOTS of the Bougas Schools in the 1st Regional Educational Robotic Competition entitled “My City”, held under the auspices of the Ministry of Culture, Education and Religious Affairs at the 7th Elementary School of Tripoli on 28 / 02/2015.In the final of the competition held in Greek-German Education in Athens on 28/03/2015, the team “RobotMasters” won the 6th place in Greece and received the special “Best Presentation” award.

At the 2nd Regional Robotic Competition on “Our Galaxy”, held at the 7th Primary School of Tripoli on 12/02/2016, the teams of our school, “GalaxyWizards” and “Robofantasy”, won 1st and 2nd respectively.

At the 3 rd Regional Robotics Competition on “Vehicles and Transports of Tomorrow”, held at the 2nd High School of Kalamata on 04/03/2017, the teams “FutureKids” and “FutureTransporters” occupied the 2nd and 4th place respectively and qualified for the final phase competition.

In the final of the 3rd Pan-Hellenic Educational Robotics Competition held at the G. Kassimatis Hall at the OAKA’s premises in Athens on 18/03/2017, the FutureKids team took the seventh place and received the special prize “Best Idea”.

Student Successes in ECDL Exams

During the school year 2015-2016, ECDL certified computer literacy exams took place, involving a total of 13 students in our school. All 13 of our students have passed the exam, in the sections that each competed.

During the school year 2016-2017, ECDL certified computer literacy exams took place, involving a total of 12 students in our school. All 12 of our students passed the examinations in the competitions, so we congratulate them and we always wish them successes.