Our participation in the program ” Student Virtual Business” of Junior Achievement Greece

We are 11 students of Ekpedeftiria Bouga  and we participated in the program ” Student Virtual Business” of Junior Achievement Greece by creating a student social enterprise that deals with the management of stray animals.

After several suggestions and ideas we came up with the name ” Feederium ” to represent our business with. It results from a game with the words feed and terrarium . An important factor in our decision was the sound of this word, which is reinforced by the letters “d” and “r”.

As it is well known, the management of stray animals is a major social problem, which seems to be growing during the quarantine period. So we decided to approach this issue in a way that we hope will be sustainable and beneficial for everyone.

Specifically, we have designed an intelligent mechanism for feeding and providing basic medical coverage for stray animals (for dogs, in the future  for cats too), which will be activated-opened “in person” for each animal that has a detection chip.

The chip, if not already installed, will be installed on the animal, by the buyers of this system which may be Municipalities , animal welfare organizations  or even some individuals (e.g. people living in  an apartment building or the employees of a business interested in  adopting a stray animal).

When the animal approaches the feeder (intelligent mechanism), it will open and give it the right amount of food according to its age and weight. Also, at intervals, and when required, the appropriate medication (eg for parasites) will be  automatically given and personalized for each animal.

A camera installed on the intelligent mechanism will record if the animal has received its medication. It will also give us basic information about its health, its behavior and its situation in the environment. Volunteers as well as contracted veterinarians will supervise the observation. The mechanism will be constructed so that it is resistant to weather conditions, rodents and possible malicious actions.