Free Expression , Debate and Creative Writing Club

Nowadays it is essential for young people to be competitive in the global work market, in which communication , critical thought and skills are important to have. Stavroula Giannakopoulou and Mihalis Kousoulakos, coaches of the Free Expression , Debate and Creative Writing Club, believe that high school and lykeio students of Ekpedeftiria Bouga should enroll, so that they can show their skills in a pleasant and dynamic environment.

In the weekly meeting (every Friday 2:30-4:00) the participants will learn how to develop and refute arguments, how to organize oral and written work, to support ideas with evidence and at the same time practice their rhetorical skills through presentation and speeches, always following certain rules. At every meeting students will participate in individual and group activities, they will discuss many topics, focusing on cultural, social and moral topics of Greece and the word today.

Furthermore, they will have the chance to participate in debate tournaments, rhetoric competitions, making up the team which will always represent the Ekpedeftiria Bouga.