Erasmus +, Ekpedeftiria Bouga and Mobility in Belgium

The Ekpedeftiria Bougas Primary School is participating  for a  second consecutive year in the European Erasmus + KA2 STEAM program . STEAM, which derives  from the acronym of the words Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics,which  initially  aims at lifelong learning , and in the  long-run in the calculated, recording of  data coming  from observation, speculation and  experiment. It therefore approaches concepts of mathematics, engineering, physics, technology and art in a way that  students understand and that  are fully connected to the real world.

In order to move beyond the understanding of an experiment, to the need to perform and draw conclusions, but also to  drift from memorization, to a deep understanding of the laws that govern nature, Ekpedeftiria Bouga  are working  with schools from  Belgium, Italy, Spain and Croatia. Since December 2018, elementary school students have been studying Ancient Greek Technology in a broad context that enables them to get to know the phases of ancient Greek history, to understand the conditions, the political and economic structures and contexts and thus to understand the current level of development of Ancient Greek Engineering.

Therefore, in order to keep teachers up-to-date on technological developments and classroom management  techniques ,  teachers  visited Brussels and the schools Go! BasisschoolCampusUnesco and  Go! BasisschoolDekleineGeuzen from Monday 27th January 2020.  Teachers followed a 3-day program that enabled them to develop their programming skills, to use technology programs so as  to approach mathematical and  cultural concepts, to see techniques that help with everyday school routine .

The school focuses on  preparing   students for the new challenges of the 21st century that require, among other things, technological and communication skills.The  Erasmus + program by introducing whatever is new , that is tailored to the learner’s needs ,contributes significantly to the exchange of knowledge, helps with coming into contact with other cultures and civilizations, and generally broadens  horizons.