Inform students about the use of anabolic substances and dietary supplements


At the request of the Physical Education Teachers and the owner of the Private School of Bougas Schools to the National Council for the Suppression of Doping (ESKAN), on Wednesday, November 22, 2017, at our school, we informed and sensitized our students about the use of anabolic substances and nutritional supplements as well as in the process of controlling athletes.

     In particular, the briefing was made by Mr. Tubeki Anargyro, member of the Board of Directors. of the ESKAN and Assistant Professor of the Department of Physical Education and Sport of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, who professionally and promptly challenged the students in an experiential manner about the use of prohibited substances by both athletes and sportsmen as well as the harmful effects on health. The event started with the briefing of pupils of the 5th, 6th grade and 1 st high school and was completed with the briefing of the rest of the classes of Gymnasium and General Lyceum. The speech resulted in a constructive discussion-dialogue between the speaker and the students who had the opportunity to express their questions about this sensitive subject.

     Thank you very much. ESKAN and Mrs. Kotsia Antonia for the immediate response, as well as Mr. Tubeki Anargyro who, with a positive mood, responded to our request and found himself close to our students. The event honored representatives of the Physical Education Group of Messinia, the Red Cross and coaches of sports clubs. We hope that such activities will be implemented in other schools in the future to form a new generation of Greeks who will practice essentially … no substances!