“A city is what it is because of the citizens that are what they are”.


The ECOCITY Voluntary Organization for the Urban Environment, with the cooperation of important Scientific Institutions and Organizations of the country, organizes since 2003-04 the ECOMOBILITY Campaign, which has contributed significantly to the sustainable development of the country’s cities and the formation young people’s perception. The ECOMOBILITY Campaign is Non-Subsidized, based on the voluntary contribution of representatives of organizations involved in the implementation, as well as companies that choose to support with financial resources or services. It is of a competitive nature and spreads throughout Greece with a significant impact on the change of attitudes and the improvement of the operating conditions of the cities. It is a collective voluntary effort devoted to shaping the environmental perception of our teenagers to improve the quality of life in cities.

In the ECOMOBILITY Campaign, 8-student groups of third graders from all over the country are eligible to participate. Their work is presented at an open event, which takes place in each Municipality, in collaboration with ECOCITY. Their work can be accompanied by theatrical performances, singing, various constructions, models, paintings, forms or anything else their imagination will create. From each city, the best project qualifies for the second phase of the evaluation. In the second phase, the ten best projects are selected, followed by the final evaluation for the Best Work Award. All team creations participate in the evaluation of the creativity awards until the final selection. The final part of the Campaign includes the Award Ceremony, which takes place in Athens in April. In June is the Mission and Hospitality in Brussels follows, with meetings in the European Parliament and the European Commission. Finally, the hosting of the best-performing teams at the ECOCAMP takes place during the first week of August.

ECOMOBILITY asks students to investigate the problems of their local area created by traffic patterns and the prevailing conditions in their city, to identify deficiencies and substandards, to conduct research at school and the city about the problems they see around them, think about solutions and suggestions that will effactively help the region they live in and their school. The aim is to raise awareness of as many citizens as possible, to change the conditions and habits of transportation and to improve the quality of life in cities.

The Campaign strongly cultivates teenagers’ involvement in public affairs and activates their participation through the message “Students Investigate, Cities Are Informed, Society becomes Aware”. Thus they assimilate principles such as equality, social cohabitation and freedom of movement. They discover the need for green ways of transport, clean air and proper functioning of cities. Students are motivated to spread the message to their family, school and local community, which prompts us to participate every year since 2011-12 in the ECOMOBILITY Campaign as:

Traffic conditions and respect for the right to move freely in the city are a sign of culture and quality in our lives.

Since 2011, our school has been participating in the Ecomobility Campaign with many distinctions. Over the years, the ecological consciousness of at least 50 students who have been eligible to participate in the program, as well as all of our other students who have participated in the creative work, have raised.

2011-2012: 2nd Creative Award in the Music Composition category.

2012-2013: 1st Best Work Award – Brussels Tour, European Parliament, European Commission.

2013-2014: 1st Creation Prize in the Musical Composition category.

                   Participation in the Ecocamp camp.

                   4th place in the Best Projects category.

2014-2015: 2nd e-Express Award-Team “Eco 8”.

                   5th place in the Best Workgroup -EU circle.

2015-2016: 3rd Prize for Electronic Expression

                   3rd Prize for Visual Creativity

                   6th place in the Best Workgroup – “Eco ranger” group.

2016 – 17: 8th place in the Best Jobs category – “Ecomobiliteam”

2015-2016: 2nd Prize for Electronic Expression

                   2nd Prize for the Best Workshop