Etwinning program of  4th grade of Bougas Primary School organized by their teacher Konstantina Darsakli


  • Christmas map of Europe (Christmas map of Europe)

During this project, Christmas cards are exchanged between different European schools. We use these cards to create a big map of Europe , put  it up at   school, so as  to show which countries we worked with.

The project will also include activities for some partners who want to learn more about how Christmas is celebrated in different countries (such as cookbooks, carols, diaries).


– to spread the spirit of Christmas

– find out more about other countries and their traditions for Christmas

– to encourage students to learn  English

– meet new friends


Working procedure:


– meeting with Twinspace partners – presentation of schools and teachers

– exchange of addresses


– preparing and sending Christmas cards

– creating a large European map at our school for cards


– Adding cards to the map – filling in a European map