Boomwhackers at Ekpaideftiria Bouga

A different and original seminar “Playing music easily with the Boowhackers, a new method of teaching”, took place at Ekpedeftiria Bouga on Thursday the 27th and Friday the 28th of September.

Mrs. Efi Bahtsevana, musician and writer came from Thessaloniki to show the teachers of the school the magical world of the musical pipes.

The sound-musical pipes are a new educational method for all ages. The children with the help of coloured pipes, learn the music notes more easily and have fun in a pleasant and playful way. Our students work in teams , concentrate, co-operate, make decisions and everything is done by playing music.

This new method gives a different outlook in teaching music , language , maths and colours and at the same time skills like co-operation , co-ordination and teamwork are developed.