Blue Origin

Last May at 4:30 pm  Greece  watched  a live broadcast of the Bougas Experiment in  Texas  America , participating in the process of  sending two tanks of a specially manufactured extra virgin olive oil, which “flew” within ten minutes. , within  the atmospheric boundaries, with the Blue Origin rocket.

The whole team ,that has been involved in the preparation and planning for the last 3 years, watched the trip at school , on  Live Streaming  with fascination.

“Blue Origin” has created the new Space vehicle, New Shepard, which  launches and lands  with the help of  a rocket . The purpose of the experiment was to test the effects of the products in Space.

It was a very successful process that has two goals, explained school program director George Koutsoumpos: “We are observing  the behavior of  olive oil and want to see whether it  will retain its liquid form once it leaves Earth. . We know that water does not retain its liquid form in Space and it will be interesting to see how olive oil behaves. It will also prove the strength of olive oil as a food. ”

Maria Golia’s help was significant, as she  was in the El Paso desert launch site and was online communication with the school!