Arkki – New Workshops

When do the workshops take place?

Arkki will again take place in Kalamata from October 2018 at Bougas’ School.

This year, our little friends, will have the chance to choose from Wednesday or Saturday to participate in the extraordinary world of Arkki!

Contact information and reservations: +30 27210 92022 (Ergina Orfanou –

Second part of workshops will start at Wednesday 7th of November and Saturday 10th of November 2018 for ages 4-5. Every Saturday 11.30-13 there is a group for ages 6-12!


What is Arkki?

Arkki utilizes a wide range of methods, but emphasizes on 3D working methods. By building miniature models and also in 1:1 scale, children can make discoveries by themselves instead of being given answers by adults. The interplay of imagination and intelligence, and theory and experimentation are encouraged in project work. Learning occurs through play and carefully planned project work. Play is the means by which children explore the world and learn naturally. Through different activities Arkki wishes to light a spark in young people´s minds so that they want to influence and participate in the development of the built environment in the future, whatever their occupation is.

The teaching in Arkki is education of arts and environment. One of the main goals of architecture education is to give the children ways and capabilities to observe and evaluate their surroundings. In the Family Groups the aim is to help children start to form an interactive relationship with the environment. The education improves their sense of space, shape, motion and materials and structures.

By studying the built and the natural environment and by the help of personal building projects, Arkki’s goal is for the students to form an active emotional bond to their milieu. The architecture and environment education aims in raising responsible and aesthetically-oriented members of the society who have a large knowledge and understanding of the environment.

One of the missions of the teaching is that the students may have an impact to the values and the atmosphere of the society. Arkki spreads and preserves the visual and architectural culture legacy but also developes it.

The teaching is goal-oriented and aims in raising a long-term motivation to study. Studying in Arkki enables postgraduate studies in many schools of visual arts.

A wider long-term mission for Arkki is to encourage the co-operation between the schools of visual arts and other operators both nationally and internationally.