Attendance of Primary school and Kindergarten teachers at conferences in Patras and Larissa

Primary School teachers of Ekpedeftiria Bouga- Vlachaki Efthimia, Gousi Katerina, Kyriopoulou Anthi-Theodora, Tseliou Vassiliki, successfully presented their teaching proposal at the 2nd O.M.E.P Conference to the  Committee of Preschool Education (Organization Mondialpourl’EducationPréscolaire – OMEP)

Specifically, the Bougas STEAM  Group designed and implemented a transition tool from Kindergarten to Primary School, based on field research for children aged 6 to 8 years. Its aim is to further disseminate the idea of STEAM as a modern educational environment. This program cultivates a variety of skills, develops critical thinking for problem solving, and encourages collaboration through creative processes. It has been seen that through STEAM, children do research, develop their motor skills and form  questions with meaning.

In the framework of the program entitled “Exploiting Art and Technology for Approaching Fundamental Geometrical Concepts and Constructions in Preschool Education” of the Bougas  STEAM group, the pre-school teachers went to Larissa . The participation of Kindergarten teachers Koulouri Eleni, Konstantopoulou Christina and Boura Angeliki at the 36th EME Conference in Larissa was successful. Their proposal highlighted the direct connection of  Arts – especially Visual Art – to Technology and Mathematics in preschool education. This didactic proposal could form the basis for  more extensive research  which has to do with  preschool children ,through the combination of Art and Technology.