Purpose and Objectives

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The Nursery Department of Bougas Private Schools aims to smoothly aid the child’s transition from family to social life and at the same time to promote his first acquaintance with the environment.

In a safe, loving environment, we help the child’s first steps towards acquiring skills that will help him lead a happy and creative life. At the same time, we emphasize on children’s full development at a mental, emotional, motor, sensory and social level.

In particular, we support our children:

  • To adopt the behavior of a member of an organized group, ie to learn to cooperate, to share, to respect individuals and rules (development of sociability).
  • Be independent. 
  • To acquire knowledge about the environment and its functions.
  • Develop and enrich their vocabulary.
  • Develop their fine and gross motor skills.
  • Cultivate their senses experiencing nature.