Literature Group

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    At Bougas Private Schools we make a beautiful weekly literary journey for children, inspired by the memorable writer Sophia Fildisi during many years. The Literature Group called “A World of Words to Choose” travels with the philologist and actress Christina Dimiza, who, with creative writing games, makes our little friends talk about their imagination and learn to “swim” in the beautiful seas that lead us to literary travel. By cultivating the love of little children for books, we cultivate their sensitivity. Our goal is to develop young students’ creative thinking, enrich their emotions, activate their imagination and inventiveness but also to cultivate their linguistic expression. Children learn to discuss various social, environmental, human and literary themes, while discussions and papers are always based on topics that interest the whole group. Finally, they learn to love books and understand the value of literature in our lives. Let us not forget that the book was and will always be an open window to the world.