New Technologies

      Our school, in an effort to keep up with the requirements of our times and the modern technological advancements, pays special attention to providing multifaceted education both at academic level and state-of-the-art infrastracture. In this context, we have fully equipped classrooms with modern computers and interactive boards (smartboard) that facilitate the right conditions for a lesson to stimulate students’ interest, to be more interactive and to ensure a better understanding and consolidation of knowledge. Additionally, there is a teaching room equipped with tablets for all students, where the teacher can deliver the new material in a playful way, assign tasks and exercises, or provide additional information for further training and feedback. Students’ homework is thus made easier, more enjoyable and productive, as they acquire essential knowledge through experiential processes. In the framework of Computer Science course, according to the New Curriculum, a modern IT Laboratory is available, equipped with computers, where students acquire basic computer skills, are taught specific software and have the opportunity – if they wish – to participate in computer certification exams leading to the acquisition of diplomas from recognized institutions operating throughout the country. Finally, our school is an ambassador of the “day of safe use of the Internet” and our philosophy is that students should not only be aware of the value of the internet as a tool but should also be able to protect themselves against any possible dangers.


      Bougas Private Schools are constantly looking for innovative ways of conducting lessons and providing pupils with knowledge and experience. That is why Bougas Private Schools in cooperation with the Technokids Education Organization, provide a series of technological projects based on the “Project Based Learning” method. This is an alternative approach to the educational process of the IT course, which is specifically designed to meet the needs of teachers for high quality material. At the same time, the program aims to familiarize students with technology and broaden their horizons so that they can meet the needs of our new digital age. The key to this method is the dynamics of the learning approach. In particular, the teacher sets the technological goal according to the age of the pupils, and then pupils choose the subject, based on their personal interests, and complete tasks that reflect real life situations. Thus, every student acquires the same technological skills, while each one is motivated by his/her own individual interests and experiences. The Technokids teaching modules are unique. Children are creatively engaged in learning technology through Educational Scripts. Through these scenarios, children get to know the professions that use technology in their everyday lives. They become Architects, Business Consultants, Correspondents, Authors, Travel Agents, Journalists and learn WHY AND HOW COMPUTERS ARE USED in each job. Through this creative process, children adapt smoothly to modern society, they get vocationally orientated and begin to understand professional and business concepts from an early age. Children are taught technology concepts and mainly Ms Office applications, while using the tools to complete their prefered scenario. In a creative way they explore and discover new possibilities in the way they learn. This approach promotes student’s critical thinking and creativity and the computer becomes a valuable tool starting from the early school years.