Educational Program

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All our educational activities are playful and take into account the individuality of each child in a rich, stimulating environment, both inside the classroom and outside at the green courtyard of the school.

Finally, likewise in the Kindergarten, the educational program of the pre-school grade is formed on the basis of the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, which provides activities related to:

-Language (Oral, Writing, Reading)


– Creation and Expression (Art, Music, Dramatic Art, Physical Education)

-The Environment (Anthropogenic, Natural)

– Information Technology

In a more general context, the private kindergarten program includes:

  • Organized themes from the child’s immediate environment
  • Speech education
  • Physical education
  • Mini Sports
  • Music and singing
  • Fairy tales
  • Theatrical game
  • Puppet theater
  • Drawing activities
  • Health Education
  • Environmental Education
  • Excursions Recreational – Educational Visits
  • Celebrations – Events
  • Contact with the Tradition of our place
  • Contact with new technologies