Our Philosophy

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At Bougas Private Schools we aspire that the citizen of the future will endorse the dream of a better world by properly combining the possibilities of modern technology and the values ​​of humanity. Within this context,our philosophy in the Primary School of Bougas Private Schools aims at:

  • Acquiring knowledge to provide the child with a stable future in today’s competitive world.
  • Creative and active learning through research and observation. Our goal is to have active and critically-minded students.
  • Developing talents and skills through personalized teaching
  • Linking school experience and knowledge to modern reality so that knowledge is useful and beneficial
  • The active engagement of students and providing up-to-date information around local and global data
  • Cultivating language skills and all forms of communication
  • Cultivating human sensitivities and values
  • Promoting active citizenship through group activities and educational programs

In order to achieve these objectives in Bougas Private Schools, our educational staff consists of specialists that are being continuously and systematically trained attending seminars and training sessions.

Our desire at Bougas Private Schools is that the educational process is a pleasant, liberating and creative experience for the pupil that will lead him to the formation of all-round developed personality.

Our school has adopted a Quality Management System according to the International Standard ISO 9001: 2008 and the HACCP requirements as defined in the ELOT 1416 standard.