Educational Program

I go to school and learn …

Our Educational Program is based on the curriculum of the Ministry of Education, which provides for activities related to ..

-Language (Oral, Writing, Reading)


– Creation and Expression (Art, Music, Dramatic Art, Physical Education)

-The Environment (Anthropogenic, Natural)

– Information Technology


The game is the “big avenue” that leads the child to learning!

  • Through a playful way, experiential activities, excursions and educational visits, we help our children discover themselves, the world that surrounds them and knowledge.
  • By participating in organized educational programs, with topics related to children’s everyday life, the customs and customs of our region and more generally in Greek culture, we lay the foundations for success in school and life.
  • At the same time, the pupils are preparing for the primary school throughout the year, helping them to have a smooth transition to the next level.
  • An integral part of our program is Informatics. The existence of a computer in the classroom helps children understand that it is another tool for acquiring knowledge and they learn from an early age to use it correctly!
    Also, our children, during the school program, are taught English, by an English teacher, where they learn in an effortless, playful and pleasant way to communicate in a foreign language. So, our children first come into contact with two objects that are a tool for their school and adult life!

More specifically, our kindergarten program includes:

  • Experiential modules from children’s rich stimuli
  • Mathematical activities
  • Reading and writing activities
  • Speaking
  • Developing fine and cumbersome mobility
  • Sensory activities
  • Natural Sciences
  • Environmental Education
  • Health Education
  • Musical education
  • Museum Education
  • Contact with the tradition of our place
  • Phillanagnosia
  • Lending library
  • Visual Education
  • Music – Songs – Musical Kinetics
  • Theater – Puppet Theater – Dramatization
  • Fairy tale
  • Physical education
  • Mini Sports
  • English
  • Computers
  • Celebrations – Events
  • Excursions Recreational – Educational Visits
  • Activities for the development of social and emotional skills such as:
    • Self-service skills
    • Self-esteem skills
    • Emotions management skills
    • Conflict resolution
    • Acceptance and respect for the differences and peculiarity of others

Optional expanded program activities:

  • Tennis
  • Football

Educational personnel

The human resources of our school consist of specialized staff with love for the child. Teachers with scientific training and experience in the field set the main goal of developing children all over the world, continuing to be educated and informed about the latest developments in the field of education.

Respecting individuality and diversity, they cultivate and exploit children’s gradients and talents while providing opportunities for creative expression, collaboration, exploration and experiential approach to knowledge.

For the best achievement of the above, in each class of our Kindergarten are working at least two teachers, who implement the above mentioned program.