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Welcome to the E-Class of Bougas Schools.

Our e-class is a tool that has been adopted recently by our school to achieve the daily and two-way communication of educators and parents, in order to better monitor the progress of our children. The online platform, with proper and frequent use, can provide us with the following capabilities:

  • Daily posting of the tasks by the teachers, with the aim of immediately informing absent students and effectively controling children’s obligations by the parents.
  • Posting grades of written tests to inform the parents about the performance of their children.
  • Two-way e-mail communication for any issue.
  • Possibility of further training through educational games, quizzes, additional exercises.
  • Information on events and school activities.

To achieve all of the above, frequent access to the online platform is a prerequisite in order for users to familiarize with the platform and use it efficiently.

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