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The first school newspaper of Bougas Schools was published during school year 1994-1995 entitled “The News of the Little Explorers”. A black-and-white newspaper, handwritten by a group of pupils of the 1st Grade of primary school and their teachers assistance.

Since 1994 many things have changed …

The power of technology allows us to create a “live” newspaper. Bright colors surround its pages, strange fonts are used for the titles and beautiful columns combined with vibrant photos are on every page. Most importantly, however, each version is still being built with the same passion and joy as the first issue of “The Little Explorers”.

The Gymnasium-Lyceum high school students’ newspaper was issued in December 2006 under the title “fantastic students”. Our subjects revolve around school, education, society, the environment, and any other local news that catches our interest.

Each year, students take up the role of journalists with the purpose of keeping us company and informing us about various issues inside and outside of school.

You should make sure that you become our best readers and we will be your demonic journalists. We can guide you through various issues by clicking below. We wish you a good reading!

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