[wpo_block_heading title=” Facilities”]

The facilities, in terms of both main and auxiliary spaces, are adapted to modern data, are equipped with the latest technological infrastracture, ensure quality and have official quality certification according to the International Standard ISO 9001: 2000 and the HACCP requirements as set out in ELOT 1.

In particular, our facilities include the following services:

  • Classrooms according to the World Health Organization specifications
  • Exemplar laboratories of Physics – Chemistry – Biology
  • Special seismograph room
  • Computer and multimedia laboratories
  • Technology laboratories
  • Artistic Workshops
  • Piano Room
  • Organized and continuously renewed library
  • Closed Gym
  • Multipurpose hall
  • Canteen – Restaurant
  • Sheltered yard
  • Tennis courts, basketball, volleyball, mini – soccer 5 × 5, ping – pong.
  • Climbing wall
  • Fully equipped clinic, presence of a nurse throughout the school program