Competitions – Awards

Traffic conditions and respect for the right of free movement in the city show the  level of culture and quality  in our lives!

This quality of life is also cultivated in the Bougas Schools, with their participation in the Ecomobility Campaign. We have carried out the program for eight consecutive years with many interesting activities, collaborations with local bodies and associations, with proposals to the Municipality, projects, artistic expressions, constructions etc.

The Campaign offers the opportunity for teenagers and their surroundings to learn to live in conditions of social equality and freedom, protecting the environment and upgrading the quality of life in their cities.

2011-2012: 2nd Music Composition Award

2012-2013: 1st Best Work Award

                         Hospitality in Brussels in the European Parliament and the

                         European Commission

2013-2014: 1st Prize in Music Composition, Hospitality at ECOCAMP

2014-2015: 2nd e-Expression Award & 5th Best Work Award

2015-2016: 3rd Prize for Visual Expression

                        3rd Prize for Electronic Processing

                        6th Best Work Award

2016-2017: 8th Best Work Award

2017-2018: 2nd Best Work Award

          2nd Prize for Electronic Processing

2018-2019: 3rd Best Work Award



On Friday, June 1st , 2018, the Student Virtual Company won the first prize in the Virtual Business Contest of the SYN by designing and promoting the noctua kit an intelligent helmet communication system with the camera as the machine operation requires the use of a helmet by the rider.

The student Helm.e.t group of Bοugas Schools represented our country in the European Contest in Belgrade from the 16th  -19th  of July 2018

The students of the 1st  and 2nd  year of  Lykeio of Ekpedeftiria Bouga  on Wednesday, December 12th , 2018 visited the venue, where the X-Prize Final Contest  was held ,in the port of Kalamata. The competition which is currently underway concerns the mapping of the oceans using autonomous robotic structures. Each team competing , will begin the process by unleashing and recovering its standalone underwater technology from the XPRIZE Control Center (MISSION Control) within 24 hours.

The contest takes place in an area of five hundred square meters and is located in the west of the Peloponnese.

The children were guided by the Competition Director Mr. Jyotika Virmani who briefed them about the contest and talked about his career so far. They were then guided by the Japanese and English team leaders.

Children in small groups have access to the Control Center, having the opportunity to attend the preparation of the mission of the contestants.

The experience was unique for the children after they came in contact with scientific teams observing the construction of a technology at its peak.

Theater as a form of art teaches and educates. The theatrical process, the contact with important texts from the world repertoire and the collaboration of the group for the presentation of a performance cultivate important cognitive and socio-emotional skills of the students.

Children expand their imagination, become confident and build team spirit, sharpen their judgment and observation, express their feelings, take initiatives, develop their emotional intelligence, and finally cultivate their creative thinking.

The art of drama cultivates a positive attitude and perception of life, and provides a rich experience for their self-determination and their creative role in the world.

The theater team of our school has been counting more than 10 years and has presented remarkable theatrical performances by Greek and foreign theatrical writers.

The Debate and Public Speaking Course for teenagers with a B2 level in English and up.

It is a 3 week program with 15 hours of lessons per week.

During the three weeks the students learn:

  • To take part in debates after research and evaluation
  • To use assessment criteria after after researching on the internet
  • Writing and presenting an informative or motivating speech in English in front of an audience
  • To respect and adopt different opinions
  • To work in groups
  • To be able to speak well in English in front of an audience

The daily program of the Debate and Public speaking course has:

  • Mock debate sessions about current affairs of worldwide interest
  • Projects which need critical thought , which is given as activities/handouts.
  • Excercises for keeping notes correctly during a debate but also during the lessons and educational videos (note-taking)
  • Reading passages and articles, for meaning, summary and paraphrasing so that there can be a dialogue
  • Studying suitable audiovisual projections so that the students can get used to conversations of academic level can be done
  • Practicing improvised speeches and other types of public speaking (impromptu speech)
  • Role plays
  • Active listening
  • All of the lessons are in English

At the end of the program the students receive a Certificate of Attendance

The program begins 01/07/2019 and finishes 19/07/2019 and is for teenagers 13-18 years old with a B2 level of English up.

Mrs. Georgia Grammatikou who is in charge of the program , was born in Melbourne , studied Law , Economics and  Political Science. In Australia she worked as a lawyer and was Head of the Cultural Office of the Greek Community in Melbourne.

In Greece she continued her studies of methodology in teaching English as a second language. She has taught all levels for Cambridge preparation.

She has designed the Debate and Public Speaking program for teenagers and has taught it the last few years at Tasis England Summer School, Surrey.


The Goalball National Team came 1st in  the World School Championship, ISF Word Schools Inclusive Games in Portugal. One of the members of the National Team is the student of the Ekpedeftiria Bougas High School, Panagiotis Dimitropoulos, while one of the coaches is the teacher of Physical Education at the private school, Mrs. Tsiala Panagiotas, who accompanied the athletes to Portugal. In addition to the joy of the sport, the organizers offered the children the chance to get to know Porto and to tour the Natural History Museum.

The excitement and joy of the Bougas School’s potential is profound, as the school and its citizens are introduced to the sport, which was launched in December 2018, as a school initiative aimed at raising awareness of the visually impaired. For this reason, four introductory presentations were held exclusively for pupils of elementary schools,  high schools and lyceums in the area under the auspices of the Municipality of Kalamata, in cooperation with the Primary and Secondary Education Divisions  of Messinia and with the Panhellenic Association of the Blind.

Panagiotis Dimitropoulos, a student, had the opportunity to get to know the sport and experience the joy of effort, victory and competition in a game that justified the effort, shared the joy and became  parents, educators, schools, supporters , promoters  and the Goalball National Team proud.

Panagiotis and all the athletes became worthy ambassadors of the message of the competition: “Anyone can play. Everyone wins ”.

His coach, teachers, and school management, congratulate the athletes of the National Team, feeling proud of the student, Panagiotis Dimitropoulos, who, although is  not visually impaired, competed under the same conditions as the mixed National Team and had remarkable performances, conveying not only the message of the value of sport but also the sensitivity, cooperation, optimism and genuine joy of the game.

Konstantina Dede, the student of Ekpedeftiria Bouga, represented our school and county in the proceedings of the CDC of the House of Parliament for Adolescents , Steps to Democracy: Active Participation, held from September 2nd to September 4th, 2019.

The adolescent members were nominated by the Participatory Action Teams, in which they participated and worked throughout the 2018-2019 school year, with a focus on human rights. During the Session, students  discussed in groups , democracy and human rights issues, they discussed with representatives of Parliament, exchanged views and ideas by participating in experiential workshops and brainstorming sessions, designed by the House of Representatives. At the same time they had the opportunity to participate in a variety of cultural activities. They visited the National Archaeological Museum, watched the Oedipus Tyrannos theater performance and more.

 The proceedings of the session were concluded with the solemn sitting of the House Parliament for Adolescents in the plenary hall, during which the students presented the work of their groups. During these days they had the opportunity to speak with Members, the President and other representatives of the Hellenic Parliament.

Talking about her experience, the student says:

The House of Teenagers is a program worth attending as you gain  experiences and skills. You are given the opportunity to be in this space with 300 different children from different cities, villages and islands of Greece and with them, through cooperation and constructive dialogue, you are asked to raise serious issues concerning young people such as career orientation, the existence of psychologists in schools, dealing with bullying by children themselves, etc. All this in front of the President of the program, the President of the House and the plenary of teenage Members!

In closing, I would like to point out a phrase by Mr Arsenis Critona, a young Member, who has puzzled me and made me think of different things. The phrase “how we see others around us is the mirror of how we see ourselves”.