Why choose Ekpaideftiria Bouga

At the private school Ekpedeftiria Bouga our ambition is that the citizen of the future will be able to dream of a better world.

Having this in mind, the philosophy of the Primary School at the private school Ekpedeftiria Bouga has the following aims:

  • Gaining knowledge which will give a child a certain and stable future in the real world.
  • Creative and active learning through research and observation. Our aim is to have activated and critical thinking students.
  • The development of talents, inclinations and skills through individualised teaching.
  • Connecting school experience and knowledge with the current reality so that the knowledge will be useful and beneficial.
  • Informing the students and having them take part in activities which have to do with things happening locally and worldwide.
  • Cultivating language ability and all the forms of communication.
  • Cultivating sensitivity and humanity
  • Taking part in public affairs through group activities and educational programs.

So that these aims can be accomplished at the private school Ekpedeftiria Bouga the teachers are experienced and trained systematically , by going to seminars and taking part in workshops.

At the private school Ekpedeftiria Bouga we want the learning experience to be entertaining and creative for students, which will lead to forming and developing their personality.