Second Foreign Language

The French language is the second foreign language taught by the pupils at their choice and starts in the Elementary Grade.

Through a few parts we aim to familiarize our students with the language codes at the level of recruitment and production of simple oral and written language (Primary), so gradually to Gymnasium to lead to the conscious learning of the language.

So they develop very early basic skills with the help of modern books and different supervisory teaching instruments.

The above stages are certified in the Gymnasium by the corresponding diplomas of the French Institute: DELF A1, A2, B1, B2 and SORBONNE. Students have the opportunity to attend intensive courses per level. Every year, our departments score incredible success rates.

Our goal is for children to develop positive attitudes and attitudes towards language, to become good users and to secure their language skills by participating in the exams.

As part of our effort to familiarize our students with French culture, we encourage them to participate in festivals and competitions such as the established Francophonie Festival in March and the Panhellenic Francophonie Competition organized each year by the French Institute of Greece, the French Embassy and the French-speaking Embassies in Greece.

The French section of our school is in regular contact with the Department of Collaboration and Educational Action as well as with the Department of Examinations of the French Institute of Athens.

Why German?

German is the mother tongue in many countries of the European Union.

1/3 of EU residents thinks, speaks and writes German.

The myth that German is one of the most difficult languages ​​has now been abolished, especially with regard to the Greeks. It has been documented to prove that the German language has many similarities to the Greek language. German have common features with our language both in the structure of grammar and syntax and in the way of thinking.

Learning German, students are practicing in organizing their thinking.

In our school the teaching of the German language starts in the 5th grade, as the Ministry of Education stipulates.

Students have the opportunity to certify their knowledge by taking part in the language examinations of the Goethe German Institute, the Austrian ÖSD Testing Organization, and the State Language Certificate.

The Exams concern the A1, A2, B1 and B2 levels of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Children who are preparing for a degree are provided with additional teaching hours.

The teaching is based on audio-visual and modern technological educational means.

Our aim is to teach children how to use language correctly, but also to get in touch with the culture of German-speaking space.