Academy Day



With the central slogan “no talent goes to waste”, on Sunday, November 17th, Academy Day was  a success , with lots of  happy children participating. A day dedicated to learning about the educational activities and sports that take place at the Academy in the afternoon-evening program, where children from all over the city of Kalamata and the wider area can participate. On Sunday morning, parents and children visited the Bougas School premises and had the opportunity  to get acquainted with the sports and activities of the Bougas School ACADEMY . Archery, Climbing, Cycling, Happy Feet, Basketball, Football, Tennis, Skiing and activities such as Arkki School of Architecture, Robotics, STEAM, were among the choices that the young students had. Children from 3 to 13 years old, depending on their interests, got acquainted with the sports and educational activities that take place at the  ACADEMY and chose to participate and sign up for what they were most interested in.

Among other things, the scientific and  educational team of the ACADEMY saw ,with great pride and optimism , that there are many children who are interested in extracurricular activities, have talents they didn’t know they had and that with practice will surely reach a very high level.

We look forward to seeing the kids we met on ACADEMY DAY again – but also  many more, so as to take  part in  any  ACADEMY activities they choose and together to develop their talent , to the extent that  it  will  be their own skill.