The school provides full board (optional) for all children. The food is prepared in the school area by qualified personnel, taking care of and controlling the materials we use.

The diet is tailored to the needs of a healthy and healthy diet for children, covers one month and a copy is sent to the home so parents can be informed about the food of the day and plan (if they want) the food of the house.

Also, if you wish, you can send food from your home for the children, trying – if you like – to keep up with the school program.

The school does not have a canteen for children of the Nursery School, Kindergarten and elementary school pupils. Only the students of the Sixth class have the opportunity to shop from the gymnasium canteen. All children can bring – if they want to – their snack from home. However, it is forbidden to bring chips, chocolates and please parents to take care of their observance as this is done to obtain healthy eating habits from our children. Also, the items sold in the canteen of the school are only legally permitted in the canteen of the schools.

Our school has been certified in accordance with ELOT EN ISO 22000: 2005 for the CARE SERVICES provided to students.